With Safety Point we can provide citizens cleaner air, safety and better health.




With Safety Point solution we can provide citizens cleaner air, bigger safety and better health. Safety Point has double-sided 75“ LCD screen for advertising. On the side is located defibrillator (AED) and 18,5" LCD touch screen to interactive with users.

DOOH enhances digital advertising

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is so important to advertisers! It’s proving even more of a draw for viewer eyeballs! Motion DOOH ads capture the attention of outdoor audiences even better. In fact, DOOH ads are twice as likely to be seen and are 2.5 times more impactful than static OOH ads according to a recent study in the UK. Furthermore, ad tech developments are helping more and more brands work within the channel too.
iHELP Media Safety Point

Cleaner Air

Safety Point cleans pollution air in the city. Daily we clean 24.000 cubic meters of air. Human breathe 11 cubic meter per day, this means we clean air for 2.180 people.

Bigger Safety

  • 24/7 Defibrillator (AED)
  • Revival Seminar (CPR)
  • Display first aid content
  • iHELP SOS App
  • SOS button (emergency call)

Better Health

  • Cleaner air (air filtration of particles PM10, PM2.5 and smaller ones)
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Real environmental data
  • Educational program
  • iHELP SOS mobile app
  • Live Mining mobile app (comming soon)

Interactive Media

  • Two-Way communication: using touch screen for Info-Point
  • Map of defibrillators and First Aid content
  • Buy products
  • News and tips...

Advertising Media

  • 2 x 75“ LCD
  • Max 12 x advertising ads
  • Ad length is 10 seconds
  • Repeating interval is every 2 minutes

iHELP Media Point


  • Height: 3.617 mm or 2.550 mm (SMALL version)
  • Width: 1.150 mm
  • Depth: 300 mm


  • Display content: 2 x 75" LCD
  • Touch screen: 18,5" LCD
  • Traffic measurement: 3 x IP camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G/4G
  • NFC
  • QR code
  • Phone call


  • SO2, NO2, CO, Ozone (O3)
  • Pressure
  • Sound
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Airborne particulate pollution
  • Luminosity and UV index

  • IP Camera for Traffic
  • Heartbeat measurement
  • Defibrillator HeartSine (in case of sudden cardiac arrest)
  • Defibrillator sensor for survey
  • Outdoor Air filter (particles PM10, PM2.5 and smaller ones)

iHELP Point - Safety Point

iHELP Point - Smart City solution


The idea of the iHELP project came about because of the shocking statistics of cardiovascular disease (every 40 seconds a person dies due to a sudden cardiac arrest) and because of the owner Andraž Ogorevc, who also had experience in rescue and because of the importance of every minute, it began with questions and thoughts on how broad the crowd or to provide more accessible and, above all, faster assistance, which is key to ensuring survival.

iHELP family


iHELP Ltd.
Pokopališka ulica 24
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

VAT number: SI 37788680
Identification No.: 3989216

Business unit

iHELP intelligent lifesaving Ltd.
Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin
Slovenia, Europe

Open: 9.00 - 17.00 (Mon - Fri)

Heart goals

  • Biggest network of defibrillators (localy and globaly)
  • Biggest network of First Responders
  • Providing fast help
  • Rewording program
  • 10.000 iHELP Media Safety Point screens in the Europe

We want to reduce the current high mortality rate in case of sudden cardiac arrest, to increase awareness of possible ways to help victims of cardiac arrest or other incidents and assistance to the local community in setting up defibrillators.

Infinitus Ltd.
Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin
Slovenia, Europe

Expert manufacturer of LCD signs for outdoor and harsh environments

Infinitus Ltd. was founded Andraž Ogorevc in 2004. Infinitus offer a standard product line under the imotion brand and can also build bespoke systems. Our public signs can be used as information kiosks, smart city kiosks, payment terminals, state-of-the-art telephone booths, Safety Point or passenger information displays.

Safety Point screen and Live Mining (mobile app) are developed under Slovenian and EU tender "Demo Piloti II - 2018". They are co-financing the implementation of pilot and demonstration projects (name of the project: IoT Interactive Life Platform - ILP) of consortia whose results are either new or improved versions of previous products, processes or services whose development stage allows for building up of a prototype, and testing and validating in real-life environments (in the period from 1.1.2019 to 1.1.2021). More about DEMO PILOTI II 2018.